Ditch Debt, Save Money, Build Wealth

A part of a woman walking in her own shoes is achieving financial freedom – feeling secure in her financial future.

Financial wellness is about your relationship with money. Every woman needs to understand her relationship with money, obtain financial knowledge to take control of their finances, so she can walk in her POWER to make informed financial decisions for her current and future life.

It’s time to build a wealth mindset, and learn how saving, investing, and insurance and create our financial wellness.


Women Empowered by One Another 

Mentors Spilling the Tea

Tawawn Lowe is the CEO of TLEnterprises, a woman-and minority owned multifaceted company based in Maryland that provide consulting, coaching and training services to individuals and organizations; and the umbrella for TLConsultancy, LLC, and the Women Walking in Their Own Shoes Movement. She is an author, certified life coach and change management practitioner who empowers equip individuals and organizations to drive change to bring forth transformation and achieve successful results. 

The WWITOS™ Movement was birth out of Tawawn’s own journey to say “YES” to herself. A shift was taking place, and women where no longer sitting on the sidelines, or waiting for permission. Tawawn created the WWITOS™ Movement to be a clarion call to women globally to say, YES! YES to giving themselves permission to become their best selves, create their best lives, and achieve success on their own terms. A “YES” to their purpose, passion, and power. In 2012, the Movement was kicked-off, over 1000 women had pledge their “YES”, and the first three years was celebrated with a Summit. Tawawn has shifted her efforts, the Summits are now Empowerment Tea that take place quarterly.

Tawawn goal is simple. She helps individuals and organizations drive successful change to achieve results!

Learn more at: www.tawawn.com 

Lexi Johnson (aka Mrs. Worldwide) is an international speaker, licensed financial coach & advisor, co-founder of the global smart TV channel, and LEXZ TV who mission is to help women change the face of wealth for themselves. She does this by revealing and teaching simple, kingdom, financial concepts, helping you to establish your financial game plan, and assisting you in executing your plan.


Learn more about Lexi at: www.thelexijohnson.com or @thelexijohnson on all social media

Sacajawea Fanning is the CEO of Fanning Financial Group, LLC, powered by First Financial Security Inc, and a financial consultant and national certified financial educator helping individuals find financial security and understand the benefits of insurance, and how to use to achieve financial wellness.


Learn more about Sacajawea at: https://clients.firstfinancialsecurity.com

This is your nudge to change your money story and achieve real financial success. 
Your financial freedom is waiting for you – Are you ready?


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